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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tech Freak

Nowadays, people rely much on technology. Even the sales of newspaper decreased due to the technological innovation that the world continuing to explore. During ages, world relied on man power literally – a snail mail, daily milk ration, a man banging on your door just to give you the daily newspaper. It started with the radio; where you just need to sit and one skill is required – to listen attentively. Then, the television came – visual and audio in one. Afterwards, the most innovating thing on earth - the computer. Thus, rest is history where you just need to sit and click at the comfort of your home. God must be proud of what human being achieve. The greatness and the convenience of the technology.

Next move of the human being? To reconstruct technology? to continue innovating things?

Hybrid. A word that will make another history. If people would not discover new things the main solution is to combine two different things or to mix in creating a distinct product.

Technology is growing and no one could stop it. It may sometimes grow out of proportion but things will be different because of this. Even on sites like technology in news – where you can find news and technology in one. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dream Car

Have you ever experienced a car running in front of you and the only thing that comes out from your mouth is “i want that car”? Guilty?

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is on the top of my list in terms of dream cars because of the speed that can bring you to heaven (literally). Yes, it is a sports car but nothing beat the angst of it when you riding it on the strecth of the street even just going to the mall (just look into the humps before you go through). Of course, it is not the fancy car but then who has no included it to their dreams?

I used to have a great car like this nitro rc cars when I was a child. A great replicas of speedy nitro cars and monster trucks that are available online.

To be honest i am not into cars and it maybe not suitable for me to ride a hammer or to be in a pink car but then, it all boil down to what a successful person should have. It is not specifically about the car that successful people owned but be open, you must ride your comfort going to your destination. Again, it is not about the fancy stuff you have but at least it is a sign you are living your dreams.

It is not necessary to look for the best and most expensive car but at least I have one attainable dream that i should catch upon.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Disclosure Policy

I Speak Applesauce is a personal blog written by me and it is based solely on my experiences.

This blog is also supported by paid post using third party advertisers. However, the compensation will never manipulate the content of it. Furthermore, the blog does not contain any substance that might have hurt any individuals.

Any materials or articles that may have a duplicate copy are mandated by the original owner. Proper acknowledgment is written at the bottom part of it.

Any questions or further clarifications regarding this blog, please contact Jim (

Is now a .com site

It has been a struggle for me to get my own domain due to the fear that setting up my own site. I may have the knowledge of more than average in terms of software but then its html or codes that I will be dealing with. Then my blogger friends recommended to just get the domain and not the hosting. He explained that blogger will still my host and there is like simple steps in routing the blogspot going to the domain.

So, I have spent so many days looking for the specific site where they are offering domains. Finally, one of my fellow bloggers in Pinoy Blogger promoted this hosting site where domains are available up to the second lowest form of dollar in a single digit and of course they allow paypal to be the medium of the payment. Grabbed!

Next problem would be my address. Sticking to the ispeakapplesauce is a big decision for me. My friend suggested that it should be my name as my domain to make it more personal. Just as I clicked the confirm button, I came to a proposition that I will just divide my entries into two blogs – one for travel and one for food. It was suggested by my other friend before I started my blog but in my defense, food comes with traveling. Thus, my domain sounds like more on food and not travels so I am still on the verge of thinking to make another blog. But for now, I am coalescing food and travels.

Also, I am back in working so maybe this coming August I will start hitting the road again. Thank you.

Monday, July 4, 2011

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tugs, Tugs, Tugs – Central Bbq Boy Grill, Makati

Uh, I’m back, MIA for 2 weeks to fix my life.

Let’s start with the Central Fever.

It has been a usual spot to celebrate birthdays in Central due to its accessible location and reasonable price. In line with this, Anthonie celebrated his Central Birthday. Given the fact that I will fall in love again (with my work) this coming week, I just need to break my bum atmosphere and hit the road again.

Central is not a usual bar wherein you will just sit around and get drunk. They really know the meaning of true customer service (very call center). From their ROFL names in their menu Bad Boy (with the pick-up line, “Traydor To Tsong!”), hotdog ni boy and macho king (nachos)) to their dancing IDOLS (crews), central has it. Also, their remarkable way of greeting a “Happy Birthday” to my friend that has special participation of SAGAD style of eating a banana (epic).

We were also lucky because Central has an event yesterday. They are offering free shirts if you order a bucket of San Mig Lights but the most grueling part of it, some members of the group should dance and mimic the crew. Of course, we participated with the said event. Cherry and Saver hit the beat and beat the crap out of the crew.
Til’ next birthday or gathering, Central! :)

Location: Malugay St. Pasong Tamo Makati City
Trademarks: Export Plaza, Caltex, KFC

*special thanks to the birthday boy Anthonie

Monday, June 20, 2011

Turnin' Japanese

In the realization that we are eating same food over and over again, we planned to make an authentic food to satisfy all our hunger. As much as we wanted to do it authentic, we have tried several ingredients to complement it (so, just delete the word authentic).

Experiment 101: The famous Sushi from Japan

Contrary to the popular beliefs, not all Sushi are prepared using Nori or the tinapa tasting wrapper.

But of course we concentrated more on Sushi with Nori called Makizushi or “rolled sushi”. It is a cylindrical kind of sushi rolled using a bamboo mat.

We only have 3 ingredients and not to mention that we don’t have the bamboo mat to make this food tasty enough.

1. Japonica or the Japanese rice – it is a short-grain rice with distinctive stickiness when cooked
2. Crab Stick – a processed seafood made with fish flesh
3. Nori – made with seaweed spices that shaped like a piece of paper

    It was very hard to roll it and to make it appealing. We used plastic folder to substitute the bamboo mat but we chose to make ourselves miserable by doing it with bare hands. 

    The Final Product, whew
    Special thanks to Jepjep

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    What’s Cookin?

    What's Cookin?

    Pancit or Pansit is a noodle of different variations that were introduced by Chinese. The word pancit came from a Hokkien (a chinese dialect) word pain i sit which means something conveniently cooked fast.

    Different variations of noodles can be found around the Philippines. We have the famous Pancit Habhab from Quezon, Pancit Kilawin of Cavite and the Pancit Canton. The usual type of Pancit that everyone knows is the Pancit Bihon or Bijon. It is a thin rice noodles with soy sauce and the twist of kalamansi.

    Manang in action
    When I was still in Pangasinan, I saw Manang cooking Pancit Bihon for mirienda. I followed every move that Manang made even to the tiniest details such as putting spices because i am planning to make a picto-process in cooking of it but due to the easy process of cooking you might as well look in Google for the recipe. 

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Banchetto Fever

    Want some delicious treat right on the street? Banchetto is here to serve you. Haha

    Banchetto is the talk of town in our office. Everyone wants to experience dining in the wide array of food stalls in Ortigas.

    And yes, I have been in Banchetto and now will be the perfect time to talk about it.

    Banchetto is an italian word for dinner, feast and stall – a great way to describe the exact atmosphere of the place. It is located in the stretch of Emerald Avenue, Ortigas. Upon arriving to the site, you will see a thick smoke and a crowd of people who are confuse on the food that they will eat.

     Because Banchetto is only open every Friday night to Saturday morning, the target market of it is call center agents around the area. However, it became so huge and turned into a tourist destination. You will see different kinds of people, from people who are wearing casual clothes to the corporate type.

    The trademark of Banchetto lies into its wide food selection. From all types of barbeques (pork, chicken, fish) to all types of fried cuisines, from Lechon Cebu to the simple siomai rice, from the perfectly baked cakes to the finger foods, from different viands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to cuisines from different countries, Banchetto has it!

    The traditional BBQ of Pinoys

    You want fish? Pork? Chicken?

    Baked Tahong and Tofu :3

    Be ready to eat on the sidewalks, floor, handrails, plant box, stairs and to the most non-convenient place. Contrary to the popular beliefs, Banchetto has tables and chairs but with the amount of people expect to eat on the said places. 

    For more information visit their site: HERE

    Photo Credits to Cherry

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    Tapella - A night of Spanish Cuisine

    You can count the months I am in the world of blogosphere in you fingers however, I have the opportunity to be invited in Tapela Event in Greenbelt 5. This event is about the launching of their new delicious menu.


    We started the event with a short tutorial of how to cook Manchego Cheese, Chicken, Asparagus, Shrimp Paella demonstrated by Executive Chef Alexandria.

    It is flavorful paella with cheese, chicken, asparagus, shrimp and the most expensive spice, the Saffron (but can be substituted by our very own Atsuete).

    Next in line is the Cojonudos – fried quail eggs with pimiento and serrano ham in baguette and the juicy and savory duck fatty liver in bread. A bite sized appetizing dish only from Tapella.

    And of course, who will forget the taste of Sangria? It is a cocktail of orange juice, red wine, liquor and brandy.

    We also tried some trademark food of Tapella:

    Chilled Garlic and Almond Shooters
     It is a cold soup with white garlic and almond and a perfect hors d'oeuvre of a meal.
    Camembert with Caramelized Onions on Fluted Bread
     A mouth watering sandwich that surely can satisfy your taste buds.

    Octopus with Paprika, Salt and Virgin Olive Oil

    It is strangest food but definitely one of the main dishes of the night. It is an octopus seated in potatoes with different spices and a touch of virgin olive oil.

    Chorizo Stewed in Red Wine
     A great dish that is highly suitable for “pulutan” :)

    Calamares con Tinta Romana el Bulli

    Amidst its color, you will taste the typical Calamares you are looking for.  Also, it is a great “pulutan”.

    Beef Tenderloin Salpicado with White Beans
    Here comes the protein, our own Beef Salpicao with a twist – combine with another protein rich food, the White Beans. 

    Last but definitely not the least, the platter that will surely cling to your sweet tooth – the dessert plate. It consists of Apple Pie, Arroz Con Leche, Cheesecake, Rum Cake with whipped cream in the middle.

    Thank you so much, Tapella.

    For more information or reservations, call 7572710 and 7572711

    What’s cookin?

    It is simply amazing that even in cooking, Pangasinan still practicing the old school way – the use of dried wood or “panggatong”. As per my Auntie, she still has the burner but from time to time she can’t resist cooking food using wood because taste differs.

    To make use of the wood that resting around, my cousin planned to cook Bulalo or “beef, bone marrow and vegetable soup”. Bulalo is a bowl of warn soup complemented by vegetables and a huge portion of beef and bone. It is the best food during rainy days because of its warm soup. It is simple to prepare but the tasty broth will bring you into indulgence.

    Our own version of Bulalo is very simple. It may lack several ingredients but the savory soup still lingering in every sip of its broth. We just used veggies that were available in our fridge – patoto, cabbage, baguio beans and Chinese cabbage and of course, the largest chunks of beef that you can buy in the market.

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Jose Rizal

    When we were still children, we ought to memorize all the national symbols of the Philippines – sampaguita is our nation flower and carabao to represent the animals. The only human being in our list is Jose Rizal; our national hero. He is a household name for us Filipinos and we studied his life for a number of years in school.  We even had a quiz to what is the full name of Jose Rizal (José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda) and to what is the name of his dog (its usman lol) to show the greatness of having him. Several books also tackled his biography, his greatness as a Filipino, his power to spark revolution and his uplifting soul in our history.

    Among the heroes in the Philippines, Rizal was handpicked by the national heroes committee to be our symbol for heroes.  He is like a celebrity in the entertainment world. Even though he is gone in this world, he is still in the limelight. I’ve heard a lot of things about Rizal when I was in college. Mostly were about his personal life.

    1. Was Rizal Gay?
    Even Piolo Pascual did answer this question. As per experience or should as I say based on the books that I’ve read, Rizal was a pride in the race of men.  He had so many girls involved in his life – locally; Segunda, Consuelo, Leonor: international level; O sei san, Gertrude, Nellie, Susanne, Josephine. But same as the never ending debate about Piolo’s sexuality, are these women are for concealer of his true sexuality? How about the homosexual part of El Fili? His being “lampa” when he was a child? Thus, things like this won’t prove his sexuality. And who cares about his sexuality? The most important part of Rizal’s existence is not in his sexuality but in his works.

    1. Was Rizal a womanizer?
    Mentioning the 9 girls that Rizal we can come up to the conclusion that if Rizal was not gay, he maybe a womanizer. In his 35 years of existence, he had so many girls around him, to think that this was during the Spanish Colonialism. However, he was definitely a chick-magnet during his time because of his intelligence and bravery.

    1. Was Rizal a real Filipino?
    Hell yeah, he is definitely a Filipino. He fought for this country and no question about that. However, even Wikipedia is telling us that the lineage of Rizal belongs to Chinese. A great minus to his background and a plus for Bonifacio but wait, are we just discussing here about Rizal? Rizal is a Filipino. Period. Another period.

    1. Was Rizal a Catholic?
    We have read several books about his life but nothing really tells us about the religion of Rizal.  I have read an article regarding the religious belief of Rizal during my college days and according to it, Rizal is a believer of God and he chose not to identify his religion. Freemason or what, the important thing here is what we see in Rizal. He was sent by God to ignite the fire in saving the Philippines.

    In a nutshell, Jose Rizal is our national hero. Without any doubt he is so intelligent and he worked on that. We should give him credit for his work for being part of our literature. Last but not the least, we should take a pride of having him as part of our rich and colorful history. Happy birthday, Pepe!

    Some ideas are mere generalization and not based on history or any literature. Many thanks to Katiekat and Jepjep. :)

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Metro Comic Con 2011

    Last May 7, we went to SM Megatrade Hall 2 to witness the Metro Comic Con 2011. It is a cosplay competition event and we went there to witness the creative mind of people who are avid fans of Anime.

    My sister is so guilty of joining this kind of event. She accumulated a lot of costumes because of joining contests.

    Of course, the best way to seize this kind of event is to take pictures of people who are in their cool and creative costumes.

    Iron Man Team


    Mario Bros. (Cute)

    Another Sailormoon

    I dunno. :)

    Tandang Mahilig :))

    I dunno. Cute lil' girl
    I dunno 3
    I dunno 4

    I dunno 5, cute


    Yu gi oh

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    I walk going to Pangasinan: Farm

     Pangasinan is a well-known place in terms of agricultural spot. Because of its humidity, it would be an ideal consign to do some planting. Rice would be the number one crop but there are still some others undergrowth that Pangasinan has. In line with this, we visited that Farmville of my niece and did some harvesting.

    I am looking forward to the experience of running around the farm, harvesting some Mangoes and just deal with the nature but there is more to that. We experienced being chased by Carabao, being bitten by huge ants, dealing with the hotness of sun and do some picture taking.