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Friday, February 4, 2011

Good evening, Zambales

The sun was still sleeping when we arrived at Barangay Pangolingan, Palauig; the only way going to our destination – Magalawa Island.

Darkness surrounds us as we are ridden in a tricycle going to Magalawa. We planned to take pictures but it’s still dark and we are dreary after the seven hour travel. I thought that it is only 15 minutes away from the shore, but it turned out to be a grueling 45 minutes tricycle ride – battling for the rocky rode and the dimness- a not so good impression to what we might face in Magalawa. After the ride, we arrived in Oslet Armada Fishdealer Compound in Barangay Luan where a boat will pick up us going to the island. The ride was about ten minutes in the midst of the seas obscurity, but we were provided life-saver kits for safety.

The long ride was then worth it, now it’s time for: Welcome to Magalawa!

The beauty of the island lies in the people who are there. The island does not only take pride for its world-class beaches and sumptuous foods, but also the warm and welcoming treatment to us visitors, such that was shown to us by Nanay Auring’s family. Indeed, the Filipino hospitality will remain unwavering even up to the most concealed places of our country.

Though we were welcomed with the dark surroundings of Magalawa and we were not able to marvel at the beaches beauty, it will not be a hindrance to tell us the story of this splendid island.

*special thanks to Ellen who edited this article