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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I speak sea foods

The real epic in Magalawa was how food was cooked and how it was served. Since we were in an island, we do not expect to eat chicken and pork cuisines.
The day we arrived, we had tentacles for dinner, a squid party indeed. It was all freshly catch, I believe, and we had dishes such breaded squid (squid calamares), adobong posit (a Filipino dish marinared in soy sauce, and squid in veggies (take note: the vegetables were taken from Nanay Auring’s backyard. Truly a delightful feast that was!

Our morning started with fresh coconut juice delivery. Then as we wait for breakfast to be served, we visited Nanay’s Auring’s backyard, walked around the island, and tried to seize the moment for it is not every day that we will be in such a wondrous place.

Then came breakfast time: a fried fish was served with egg as side dish and a slimy Okra. It was furnished by the touch of shrimp paste (bagoong).

Finally, it’s lunch time, which was the main event of the trip. Fried fish still exists in the table but they came in different varieties, the real fish soup, steamed crabs, fried breaded shrimp (tempura), and believe or not it was served with soft drinks. Definitely a hearty and refreshing meal!

Food advisory:
• If you are allergic in sea-food there are only two options you can try (1) to eat what was served on the table and to drink your medicine after or (2) to bring your own food (which was quite uncomfortable and unlucky for the dishes are really appetizing and mouth-watering).
• You should try Nanay Auring’s pasalubong - products made out of coconut (oil, kaong, coco jam).

*special thanks to Ellen for editing this article


  1. more more seafoods! dampa tyo uli.

  2. OKRA and BAGOONG is like Gaby and Sharon.

    It's wonderful :>