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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Starbucks Coffee Drive Thru

After spending so many hours arguing where to go, we finally decided to stay in the new Starbucks located in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

It is the first Starbucks drive thru in the Philippines. You can still sit around and enjoy your coffee but its main purpose is to entertain motorists.

It is not a great spot to do drive thru business in Global City because the cars that passed by is limited, but since it is the only coffee shop that offers drive thru service, you have no choice but to drive around and look for it. Aside from a not so ideal place for business, smokers will also hate this place. The usual Starbucks has a spacious place outside for the smoking people, but in Global City, it is not the case. They only alloted small space for those who wanted to smoke.

*special thanks to Ellen and Amor :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pancake House

It’s a great day to stroll around.

I received a text message from Amor, asking where I was. I promptly replied that I am just at home and surfing the net. Then, she asked me to go to Market! Market! When I arrived in mall, I found out that Madz, Jov, Mike, and Tony were with her strolling around and just killing the time.

So we decided to just take out some food from a restaurant around the Bonifacio High Street and eat it in Starbucks Drive Thru. Arguing to where we should eat, we ended up in Pancake House which is located at the end of Boni High just beside the Starbucks.


I immediately asked Amor to order BLT but she replied “it's dinner time!” Either we should eat pasta or just choose chicken of Pancake House.

Two dishes were only present at that time: seafood Gambero which is a Marinara-style pasta with buttered shrimp and some muscles and deep fried breaded chicken.

*special thanks to Ellen and Amor :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Crown Regency Cebu Hotel

We stayed in Cebu Pensione Plaza but we never fail to visit the locally known Sky Experience Adventure: Sky Walk of Crown Regency Cebu Hotel.

Right after we visited Magellan’s Cross we immediately went to the Hotel to try the Sky Walk but due to time constraint we just enjoyed the feeling of standing inside the tallest building outside the metro. (We should go to Dalaguete and busses are not available 24 hours and we arrived in the hotel at exactly 7 PM).

                  "The crowning glory of comfort awaits you."

Crown Regency Cebu Hotel, Cebu City, PH is a nice place where you can stay if you have enough money to tour around Cebu. They are offering a lot of promos including Sky AdvenTOURS; Sky Walk and the first edge coaster in the country, 4D theater and buffet dinner.

As what I have seen in the hotel, it is fully air-conditioned and fixed with amenities and services. Hotel collection bedding is also a plus in their rooms. However, it must be accentuated with hurricane lamps that will add beauty to the room. Moreover, their comforter sets queen into place. The place is perfect for those who wanted to have their honeymoon or even for those who just wanted to experience a luxurious lifestyle. We just stayed in the building for about less than 30 mins but then, we realized that our Cebu City escapade is almost complete because of Crown Regency Cebu Hotel. It is actually a must to those who will visit Cebu.

* edited by ilovekatiekat

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tugs, Tugs, Tugs – Republiq Club

Because my friends are tagged as gimikeros and gimikeras (and I am excluded), they usually celebrate their birthdays in clubs. The latest addition to the clubs that I have visited is the “new embassy” of the PH. It is not located on The Fort or Timog but in Pasay to be specific inside the New Port Mall, Resorts World Manila, Newport City.

“REPUBLIQ is the undisputed number 1 destination for nightlife in the Philippines!” from their fan page.

Indeed, it is the best destination for nightlife as I seen in the place. People where actually falling in line just to experience the feeling of being seen in this club and to enjoy the all-night-party they are offering. If you are loaded with money, you’ll surely enjoy the amenities in the place.

The main attraction of this club is not on the drinks, not on the music, not on the services but on the crowd itself .These are the party stalker people who are in their best dress and the A-list people who are just dancing in their tables. People are wild (in a good way), and just epitomize the typical partygoer.

To be honest with you, I left the gimik part of my life back in college and I prefer to have dinner on a lame restaurant than dancing and partying. But because of my friend birthday party, I am forced to attend and I just missed the feeling of getting bump while dancing, the callous on my feet, and the feeling of “in the crowd” mood. It is worth my time to have just gone back to where I was during my college days and to revisit the height of my youth (yuck).

*special thanks to Kat for editing this article
*amor for the pictures

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catholicism is definitely in Cebu

Though the lives of Cebuanos are as hectic and busy as a bee, it is good to note that they never cease to give time to the Lord.

I am amazed on how they encapsulate their being religious and on how they manage to preserve every part of it. The Churches are huge and you will have a hard time choosing where to share vows and tie the knot for your wedding.

You may choose the Sto. Niño Church where Magellan’s Cross is located. The church is the main tourist attraction of Cebu City. The Church proper is wide, spacious, and marbled where you can overlook the statue and Sto. Nino.

They also have a prayer corner around the pagoda where you can light a free candle, pray, and drop your wishes.

You would also find another pagoda where Magellan’s cross is located. Though not that gigantic, you will feel that there is something mystical in the cross. There are people who will approach you to buy candles and they would pray for you in the Cebuano Language (you should try this).

We also went to Dalaguete where we find another amazing and splendid church – the church of San Guillermo Ermitanio. It is definitely part of the wondrous cultural heritage of the Philippines and another architecture to be proud of. Its structural built does not belong to the traditional type, but a combination of both simplicity with a superb look.

*special thanks to Ellen for editing this article
*Rome and Jelaine for the pictures

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Stay in Cebu Pensione Plaza

Cebu Pensione Plaza is located in Cebu City, Cebu, just a ride away from the airport. The taxi only cost us P 100 and traffic seems to be no big deal in Cebu, though according to the driver, we were just lucky.

It was not the cheapest lounge to stay but you will definitely have an experience of Cebu in that pension house. We were given a great discount yet it still slashed our pockets a little. However, their rates may still be described as REASONABLE. The rooms are spacious- their room for 3 is actually good for “10.” They are also air-conditioned, cozy, comfortable, and Wifi accessible. It is truly worth the price you pay.

But of all its amenities and offerings, it is the food that best caught my attention. A typical longanisa and sausage becomes extraordinary and extra special. Both were inclusive of the overnight stay in the hotel, which when bought ranges from P 80- P150- surely a cheap taste for a heavenly taste you will never forget.
Another great choice will also be their corned beef, starkly different and unique from that of straight from the cans corned beef that we usually purchased from the groceries. I can’t actually figure out what made it different, but there’s really something special with their corned beef.

Not only that, the taste of homemade flakes in oil Bangus also called my attention. Though bathing in oil and a bowl oozing with cholesterol, it promises a richness and taste that you wouldn’t let go.

So if you happen to visit and drop by Cebu next time, why don’t you give Cebu Pensione Plaza a try? With all the conveniences and delectable food they can offer, it would certainly make your trip most memorable. We would all surely come back, so see you there!

*special thanks to Ellen who edited this article and Jelaine and Rome for the pictures

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I fly going to Cebu

It was merely a vague plan to go the distance – literally. After Magalawa’s adventure, we are ready to visit the Visayas region. We planned to venture in Mindoro but we failed to do so and after a hasty decision we decided to go to CEBU.

Cebu a.k.a the queen city of the south is known for being one of the urbanized cities in both Visayas and Mindanao regions. It is also the center of commerce in the southern Philippines.

There are two ways to reach Cebu (1) by water and (2) by air. If you have the luxury of time (24-hours travel or more) you should definitely try it by water. Aside from the cheaper expenses in transportation you will enjoy surely enjoy the view of limitless and vast waters. However, if you decided to take the fly be sure to avail the promos of airlines by booking in advance (money saving, yet same experience and thrill). It will take an hour to reach the Cebu, definitely shorter than riding a taxi from Cubao going to our office. The same thing goes for riding boats, the difference is just that you will experience the tricky hands of God molding the Philippines.

Because of the time constraints, we decided to fly and we were lucky to avail promos in Air Philippines. I spent less than 2k including my terminal fee in going to Cebu.

We seized the moment by taking pictures in NAIA Terminal 3, plane, and our destination, Cebu.

Here are some tips and trivias for local and foreign tourists and travel enthusiasts:
• The terminal in Cebu is located in Lapu-lapu City which is a 10-minute ride from Cebu City proper.
• Cebuanos are more familiar in English than Filipino (please read the sample scene below)

SCENE: We are searching for a Karinderya for a taste of the appetizing Cebu dishes, then…

Me: Manong Guard, san po ba ditong may malapit na karinderya?
Guard: What po?
Me: Kainan po.
Guard: Bisaya?
Me: Hindi po.
Guard: Ahhh ok, just straight ahead and turn left.
Me: Kanan po? (This is natural for me, I am direction challenged person)
Guard: Yes.
Me: Left, kaliwa po.
Guard: Yes.
Me: Salamat po!

Then, after realizing what just happened, I laughed at myself and my foolishness thinking that there is definitely a language barrier. For a Manileño like me, that’s quite a shame though! Next piece of advice: please bring someone who can speak Bisaya for better understanding.

In a nutshell, I came up with a list of things to remember and take note when visiting Cebu:
•Cebu City is a mirror of Manila. You will see divisoria and quiapo like places.
•The mode of transportation in Cebu is the mini-bus which has a number on the sun-visor (ex. 1A for Cebu City, 4F for SM Cebu).
•Be sure to taste Lechon Cebu! (nyum nyum!)
•Don’t act as a stranger, you are still in the Philippines and this is your home country . (Yes, don’t be like me.)
•If you have time, visit Bohol which is a nearby province. (to make your travel more exciting)
•EXPLORE CEBU. (explore, explore, explore)

So enjoy and have fun! Love and enjoy Cebu as much as I did!

*special thanks to Ellen for editing this article and Jelaine and Rome for the pictures :)

A walk to remember: Reyes Barbeque

It was a painful decision to walk the stretch of Bonifacio High Street just to be in Reyes Barbeque (even if I insisted that walk). It’s a TGIF day so we decided to spend the gift certificate that Rome received from Blogging. It’s 1k worth of Gift Certificate in Reyes Barbeque (so we call it as a treat from Rome).

We arrived at Reyes Barbeque just before they opened their store. Holding the GCs we have at hand, we did not hesitate to order everything we wanted.

I chose Pusit Meal because I haven’t tasted it for a while and I very well love the taste of its rubber-like tentacles. Rome ordered Tuna Belly and Bangus Belly for Jelaine, the two of which are the most delicious meals in Reyes Barbeque. Meanwhile, Brian got a Pork Liempo and Jen a Chicken- Quarter two of the must- haves food when your eat in Barbeque House. To sum it up, we ordered chicken ass to boost our appetite (Yeah. It’s chicken and his ass!). It’s clean and you will not definitely find shit on it plus, it is DELICIOUS (try it!). For desert, we got Butterscotch, which is definitely no-ordinary, though it tastes more like a Pinoy butterscotch.A Saba Banana that is coated in white sugar and barbequed at that indeed, mouth-watering. Hidden with its name is a humble Saba Banana coated in white sugar and barbequed.

Having lunch at Reyes Barbeque is such a great way to spend the GC (not only because it’s free and it’s just a treat). With its uniqueness and flavors that will definitely tickle your taste buds, you would surely crave for more. It’s not the typical grilled food for everything is cooked and made to suit the taste of Pinoys. After that free lunch care of Rome, we are definitely looking forward to taste the chicken ass once more. Till next time Reyes Barbeque!

*special thanks to Ellen who edited this article and photo credits to Jelaine :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A is for applesauce

Due to technical issues that i can't resolve by myself, I just asked Jeff to make a water mark/logo/title icon for my site.

Thanks Jeff! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy V. Day!

Sorry for I have no post this coming week.

My computer is busted. I am still waiting my cousin to fix it. I lost like 5 articles because of shitty malware. I'll try to have it fix asap.

I am also working on interesting articles. Promise. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

We speak applesauce

This is a big decision.

Writing is neither my passion nor my strongest point in English language. I have been questioned many times in my output due to the inconsistencies of it. Several outputs were waste and others were a work of art. I even remembered the time that I was scolded to what he believes and not to what is the truth (@anika sablan). It was all settled but it made a big impact on my writing skills.

Blogging is a form of writing. It is the new generation for expressing one’s mind and not anymore to scribe.

I speak applesauce.

Beyond the words of applesauce are people who are inspiring me.
@ Rome
You are the living proof that content matters. As I said, please continue to inspire me.
Even most of the time we are just bitching around, you know that I truly admire your writing skills and you are one of my inspirations in writing.
A big thank you for making my banner it has been a worthwhile waiting product.
Even though your schedule is so tight, you are still extending your hands in helping me editing my works. Thank you 


The first step in building a blog is to set-up the site. I immediately contacted Noks Sosa in doing a banner for my site. I even have this funny ym chat concerning about what the banner should be.

He sent the banner for this site and he never fails to amaze me. You know how to control the pen and brushes. Adobe should hire you :O.

Let me give you a little introduction about this blog. This blog is all about the places that I have been or the places that I adore and the food that joints my palette but from time to time I will post some literature piece of mine. It is not for money-making type of blog, it is just a way to treasure all the memories.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I speak sea foods

The real epic in Magalawa was how food was cooked and how it was served. Since we were in an island, we do not expect to eat chicken and pork cuisines.
The day we arrived, we had tentacles for dinner, a squid party indeed. It was all freshly catch, I believe, and we had dishes such breaded squid (squid calamares), adobong posit (a Filipino dish marinared in soy sauce, and squid in veggies (take note: the vegetables were taken from Nanay Auring’s backyard. Truly a delightful feast that was!

Our morning started with fresh coconut juice delivery. Then as we wait for breakfast to be served, we visited Nanay’s Auring’s backyard, walked around the island, and tried to seize the moment for it is not every day that we will be in such a wondrous place.

Then came breakfast time: a fried fish was served with egg as side dish and a slimy Okra. It was furnished by the touch of shrimp paste (bagoong).

Finally, it’s lunch time, which was the main event of the trip. Fried fish still exists in the table but they came in different varieties, the real fish soup, steamed crabs, fried breaded shrimp (tempura), and believe or not it was served with soft drinks. Definitely a hearty and refreshing meal!

Food advisory:
• If you are allergic in sea-food there are only two options you can try (1) to eat what was served on the table and to drink your medicine after or (2) to bring your own food (which was quite uncomfortable and unlucky for the dishes are really appetizing and mouth-watering).
• You should try Nanay Auring’s pasalubong - products made out of coconut (oil, kaong, coco jam).

*special thanks to Ellen for editing this article

Friday, February 4, 2011

Good evening, Zambales

The sun was still sleeping when we arrived at Barangay Pangolingan, Palauig; the only way going to our destination – Magalawa Island.

Darkness surrounds us as we are ridden in a tricycle going to Magalawa. We planned to take pictures but it’s still dark and we are dreary after the seven hour travel. I thought that it is only 15 minutes away from the shore, but it turned out to be a grueling 45 minutes tricycle ride – battling for the rocky rode and the dimness- a not so good impression to what we might face in Magalawa. After the ride, we arrived in Oslet Armada Fishdealer Compound in Barangay Luan where a boat will pick up us going to the island. The ride was about ten minutes in the midst of the seas obscurity, but we were provided life-saver kits for safety.

The long ride was then worth it, now it’s time for: Welcome to Magalawa!

The beauty of the island lies in the people who are there. The island does not only take pride for its world-class beaches and sumptuous foods, but also the warm and welcoming treatment to us visitors, such that was shown to us by Nanay Auring’s family. Indeed, the Filipino hospitality will remain unwavering even up to the most concealed places of our country.

Though we were welcomed with the dark surroundings of Magalawa and we were not able to marvel at the beaches beauty, it will not be a hindrance to tell us the story of this splendid island.

*special thanks to Ellen who edited this article