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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catholicism is definitely in Cebu

Though the lives of Cebuanos are as hectic and busy as a bee, it is good to note that they never cease to give time to the Lord.

I am amazed on how they encapsulate their being religious and on how they manage to preserve every part of it. The Churches are huge and you will have a hard time choosing where to share vows and tie the knot for your wedding.

You may choose the Sto. Niño Church where Magellan’s Cross is located. The church is the main tourist attraction of Cebu City. The Church proper is wide, spacious, and marbled where you can overlook the statue and Sto. Nino.

They also have a prayer corner around the pagoda where you can light a free candle, pray, and drop your wishes.

You would also find another pagoda where Magellan’s cross is located. Though not that gigantic, you will feel that there is something mystical in the cross. There are people who will approach you to buy candles and they would pray for you in the Cebuano Language (you should try this).

We also went to Dalaguete where we find another amazing and splendid church – the church of San Guillermo Ermitanio. It is definitely part of the wondrous cultural heritage of the Philippines and another architecture to be proud of. Its structural built does not belong to the traditional type, but a combination of both simplicity with a superb look.

*special thanks to Ellen for editing this article
*Rome and Jelaine for the pictures