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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I fly going to Cebu

It was merely a vague plan to go the distance – literally. After Magalawa’s adventure, we are ready to visit the Visayas region. We planned to venture in Mindoro but we failed to do so and after a hasty decision we decided to go to CEBU.

Cebu a.k.a the queen city of the south is known for being one of the urbanized cities in both Visayas and Mindanao regions. It is also the center of commerce in the southern Philippines.

There are two ways to reach Cebu (1) by water and (2) by air. If you have the luxury of time (24-hours travel or more) you should definitely try it by water. Aside from the cheaper expenses in transportation you will enjoy surely enjoy the view of limitless and vast waters. However, if you decided to take the fly be sure to avail the promos of airlines by booking in advance (money saving, yet same experience and thrill). It will take an hour to reach the Cebu, definitely shorter than riding a taxi from Cubao going to our office. The same thing goes for riding boats, the difference is just that you will experience the tricky hands of God molding the Philippines.

Because of the time constraints, we decided to fly and we were lucky to avail promos in Air Philippines. I spent less than 2k including my terminal fee in going to Cebu.

We seized the moment by taking pictures in NAIA Terminal 3, plane, and our destination, Cebu.

Here are some tips and trivias for local and foreign tourists and travel enthusiasts:
• The terminal in Cebu is located in Lapu-lapu City which is a 10-minute ride from Cebu City proper.
• Cebuanos are more familiar in English than Filipino (please read the sample scene below)

SCENE: We are searching for a Karinderya for a taste of the appetizing Cebu dishes, then…

Me: Manong Guard, san po ba ditong may malapit na karinderya?
Guard: What po?
Me: Kainan po.
Guard: Bisaya?
Me: Hindi po.
Guard: Ahhh ok, just straight ahead and turn left.
Me: Kanan po? (This is natural for me, I am direction challenged person)
Guard: Yes.
Me: Left, kaliwa po.
Guard: Yes.
Me: Salamat po!

Then, after realizing what just happened, I laughed at myself and my foolishness thinking that there is definitely a language barrier. For a Manileño like me, that’s quite a shame though! Next piece of advice: please bring someone who can speak Bisaya for better understanding.

In a nutshell, I came up with a list of things to remember and take note when visiting Cebu:
•Cebu City is a mirror of Manila. You will see divisoria and quiapo like places.
•The mode of transportation in Cebu is the mini-bus which has a number on the sun-visor (ex. 1A for Cebu City, 4F for SM Cebu).
•Be sure to taste Lechon Cebu! (nyum nyum!)
•Don’t act as a stranger, you are still in the Philippines and this is your home country . (Yes, don’t be like me.)
•If you have time, visit Bohol which is a nearby province. (to make your travel more exciting)
•EXPLORE CEBU. (explore, explore, explore)

So enjoy and have fun! Love and enjoy Cebu as much as I did!

*special thanks to Ellen for editing this article and Jelaine and Rome for the pictures :)


  1. YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH DIRECTION - I so remember hahaha! This is why you need to have travel buddies with you ALL the time hahaha!