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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pancake House

It’s a great day to stroll around.

I received a text message from Amor, asking where I was. I promptly replied that I am just at home and surfing the net. Then, she asked me to go to Market! Market! When I arrived in mall, I found out that Madz, Jov, Mike, and Tony were with her strolling around and just killing the time.

So we decided to just take out some food from a restaurant around the Bonifacio High Street and eat it in Starbucks Drive Thru. Arguing to where we should eat, we ended up in Pancake House which is located at the end of Boni High just beside the Starbucks.


I immediately asked Amor to order BLT but she replied “it's dinner time!” Either we should eat pasta or just choose chicken of Pancake House.

Two dishes were only present at that time: seafood Gambero which is a Marinara-style pasta with buttered shrimp and some muscles and deep fried breaded chicken.

*special thanks to Ellen and Amor :)

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