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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Stay in Cebu Pensione Plaza

Cebu Pensione Plaza is located in Cebu City, Cebu, just a ride away from the airport. The taxi only cost us P 100 and traffic seems to be no big deal in Cebu, though according to the driver, we were just lucky.

It was not the cheapest lounge to stay but you will definitely have an experience of Cebu in that pension house. We were given a great discount yet it still slashed our pockets a little. However, their rates may still be described as REASONABLE. The rooms are spacious- their room for 3 is actually good for “10.” They are also air-conditioned, cozy, comfortable, and Wifi accessible. It is truly worth the price you pay.

But of all its amenities and offerings, it is the food that best caught my attention. A typical longanisa and sausage becomes extraordinary and extra special. Both were inclusive of the overnight stay in the hotel, which when bought ranges from P 80- P150- surely a cheap taste for a heavenly taste you will never forget.
Another great choice will also be their corned beef, starkly different and unique from that of straight from the cans corned beef that we usually purchased from the groceries. I can’t actually figure out what made it different, but there’s really something special with their corned beef.

Not only that, the taste of homemade flakes in oil Bangus also called my attention. Though bathing in oil and a bowl oozing with cholesterol, it promises a richness and taste that you wouldn’t let go.

So if you happen to visit and drop by Cebu next time, why don’t you give Cebu Pensione Plaza a try? With all the conveniences and delectable food they can offer, it would certainly make your trip most memorable. We would all surely come back, so see you there!

*special thanks to Ellen who edited this article and Jelaine and Rome for the pictures