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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tugs, Tugs, Tugs – Republiq Club

Because my friends are tagged as gimikeros and gimikeras (and I am excluded), they usually celebrate their birthdays in clubs. The latest addition to the clubs that I have visited is the “new embassy” of the PH. It is not located on The Fort or Timog but in Pasay to be specific inside the New Port Mall, Resorts World Manila, Newport City.

“REPUBLIQ is the undisputed number 1 destination for nightlife in the Philippines!” from their fan page.

Indeed, it is the best destination for nightlife as I seen in the place. People where actually falling in line just to experience the feeling of being seen in this club and to enjoy the all-night-party they are offering. If you are loaded with money, you’ll surely enjoy the amenities in the place.

The main attraction of this club is not on the drinks, not on the music, not on the services but on the crowd itself .These are the party stalker people who are in their best dress and the A-list people who are just dancing in their tables. People are wild (in a good way), and just epitomize the typical partygoer.

To be honest with you, I left the gimik part of my life back in college and I prefer to have dinner on a lame restaurant than dancing and partying. But because of my friend birthday party, I am forced to attend and I just missed the feeling of getting bump while dancing, the callous on my feet, and the feeling of “in the crowd” mood. It is worth my time to have just gone back to where I was during my college days and to revisit the height of my youth (yuck).

*special thanks to Kat for editing this article
*amor for the pictures