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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A walk to remember: Reyes Barbeque

It was a painful decision to walk the stretch of Bonifacio High Street just to be in Reyes Barbeque (even if I insisted that walk). It’s a TGIF day so we decided to spend the gift certificate that Rome received from Blogging. It’s 1k worth of Gift Certificate in Reyes Barbeque (so we call it as a treat from Rome).

We arrived at Reyes Barbeque just before they opened their store. Holding the GCs we have at hand, we did not hesitate to order everything we wanted.

I chose Pusit Meal because I haven’t tasted it for a while and I very well love the taste of its rubber-like tentacles. Rome ordered Tuna Belly and Bangus Belly for Jelaine, the two of which are the most delicious meals in Reyes Barbeque. Meanwhile, Brian got a Pork Liempo and Jen a Chicken- Quarter two of the must- haves food when your eat in Barbeque House. To sum it up, we ordered chicken ass to boost our appetite (Yeah. It’s chicken and his ass!). It’s clean and you will not definitely find shit on it plus, it is DELICIOUS (try it!). For desert, we got Butterscotch, which is definitely no-ordinary, though it tastes more like a Pinoy butterscotch.A Saba Banana that is coated in white sugar and barbequed at that indeed, mouth-watering. Hidden with its name is a humble Saba Banana coated in white sugar and barbequed.

Having lunch at Reyes Barbeque is such a great way to spend the GC (not only because it’s free and it’s just a treat). With its uniqueness and flavors that will definitely tickle your taste buds, you would surely crave for more. It’s not the typical grilled food for everything is cooked and made to suit the taste of Pinoys. After that free lunch care of Rome, we are definitely looking forward to taste the chicken ass once more. Till next time Reyes Barbeque!

*special thanks to Ellen who edited this article and photo credits to Jelaine :)