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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting to know “Dampa”

Dampa is a place located along Seaside, Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City PH. It is one of the known spots in eating seafood and freshly cooked Filipino Cuisine and it is the best place to celebrate events such as birthdays and reunions. Contrary to popular beliefs, eating in Dampa is cheaper than restaurant.

How to get there:

I am not sure if there is available PUJ going to Macapagal but to be sure just ride a cab from Edsa LRT station or Mall of Asia. Just ask the driver to take you in “DAMPA”.

The Concept:

Unlike ordinary restaurant where you will just look at the menu, here in Dampa you are going to create your own menu.

First step, is to choose where to settle down and plan your menu. You can choose stalls, restaurants or other palutuans.

Second step, ask someone to be the market goer (haha) in short you need to buy things you wanted to eat. Better to ask the waiter to go with you to carry the things and to assist you to where the cheapest seafood stall is. Meat and fruits are also available in this place.

Third step, go back to the restaurant where you chose to settle down and ask the chef to cook your personalized menu.

Here are the dishes that we ordered:


Buttered Shrimp

Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso

Grilled Liempo

Baked Tahong

Ensaladang Manga with Shrimp Paste

Things to remember:
-You should consider two things - the weight of food you can consume and the budget
-Please be mindful of the time, always remember you need time to buy the food and they need time to cook the food.
-The Paluto System – be specific, always remember you are creating your own menu here
-You should try the baked tahong J
The Dampaers

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A day in California … Berry

I have been blogging for almost two months now and I feel the warmth comments of my colleagues saying that I should continue doing this. Even most of the time my internet sucks and I am running of words to share, I am still trying to update this blog from time to time. Last week, the influential blogger Rome shared a Facebook Group where somebody is looking for participants for the first blogger’s event of California Berry. I immediately went to site and registered. I am still adjusting to the blogsphere feeling and thinking that this event might be the next step of being a blogger and without hesitation I’ve joined it.

The event is located at Mezza Residence in Sta. Mesa across CCP. It is the newly opened branch of California Berry wherein they are presenting the newly added items to their Menu.

I arrived at exactly 2:00 PM at the venue and I think that I am still in time. The event organizer approached me, welcomed me and asked for my number. When I am settled in my chair, a girl from California Berry gave me refreshment – The Bananarama.

Fresh Fruit Blends
With Banana, Mango and Kiwi

Then the store manager welcomed us with the introduction – everything about California Berry. He tackled things like CB is the only store in the Philippines that offers a 100% non-fat Froyo (Frozen Yogurt). Next to him is a girl from CB conducted some short games.
After the entertainment, the PASTA was served.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Cheesy Lasagna

Seafood Alfredo

Then, Ice Ice Baby was played and served (literally). It is a shaved ice that is available in different flavors and toppings. Aside from the taste of it, the texture of Ice Ice Baby also made the difference from the other shaved ice products. You can choose your own syrup and toppings or you can just let the Menu speaks for your cravings – from their original baby down to Green Tea Banana Baby.

They also offered us their organic coffee – a great tasting coffee that is created using natural products.

The event ended with giving of prizes and gift checks. Thus, the day was a blast and truly a great addition to the applesauce escapades. Thank you so much California Berry!



Travel 101

Yes, this is a travel blog and I have my top 5 essentials in traveling. It is summer and summer vacation will go with it.

I have created this entry to remind myself to the importance of preparedness in going to a trip.

Top 5 Things to consider when you are going to travel

1. Monetary Capability
    We are going to talk about numerical value under our pocket. A specific trip should be covered by specific amount of money we have. You should adjust the amount you have to the place you wanted to go. Let me take some example with these two trips having same money:
    (A) Tagaytay Trip
                     -choose where to eat
                     -trip down to Tagaytay Lake
                     -stay in a 3-star hotel
    (B) Puerto Galera Trip
                     -stay in 3-star hotel
      The trip to Puerto Galera only has two major points unlike the Tagaytay trip where you can enjoy the food, the place and the adventure they are offering. The gist of its comparison relies on the enjoyment that you will have. It is so fulfilling if you spend your trip every second of it and not worrying about your pockets.

2. Transportation
     To travel is to endure the time of traveling even it is by air. If you have your own car, you should take in consideration the what ifs? What if you will face an accident? Are you ready? What if your car broke down? Are you ready for a car repair? What if there was no parking space? Are you ready to be in your car all day?
I don’t want to sound pessimist but we should be ready for the what ifs of traveling with your own might.
Thus, if you are going to take the public way of going to places, you should also take in considerations a lot of things, the comfortable feeling of traveling and the time it will take (be ready for delays).

3. Food
    As I mentioned in my previous entry a travel with food is like a pen without ink. Meaning food is an essential subject to your travel. You can either bring your own food or have a taste of native food. Sometimes if you missed a food delicacy in your travel, the feeling of incompleteness will be in your head for the entire week after your travel. It is like a Bicol without express and a lechon without Cebu.

4. Lodging
    It is better to book your lodging prior to your trip. If you are going to stay in a hotel be ready for the skyrocket prices. Lodging is a pain-in-the-ass speaking of financial threat. Please find time to look for a suitable hotel in the internet, read the comments of the previous customer, and be sure to know the rates and the amenities.
    However, your travel will make a big difference if you are going to stay in some people you know. You will experience their life, their food and their hospitality.

5. Itinerary
    To be honest I am not a fan of itinerary because a journey that is not planned is a journey of adventure. However, itinerary is making a way of preparing yourself to an experience that you should have. It is like a checklist of things you should do and you should eat.
   The great way to make an itinerary is to research the things you should include in your list. You should consider the number of things against the time for example, from 7:00 AM – 7:30 AM; breakfast at Aling Nena’s Karinderya.

These top 5 things are only based on experience. If you are going to list your top 5 things you should consider in traveling what are they?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Travel Blues

It was settled. My mind got into a great tricky game - to where I have to go next. I have been in parts wherein most of the people might not know. Got into some troubles a lot and got into sheer dilemmas but one thing is the most important to my escapades, heck! the experience.

To mirror things out, I have come up with this article. To share a great experience I found going to Cebu and Zambales. It is not the food or the places I have encountered but the people I met during the greatest escapade of my life.

My heart truly fell in love with the Cebuanos. The warmth of their smiles and kisses truly made the experience worthwhile. To share thing with you I need to blog everything that had happened to Cebu. I am still making articles strictly for food and places that Cebu brought us.

My Zambales escapade is also worth sharing. There maybe some negative feedbacks but all fails must be blamed to our own carelessness. Same with Cebu, the most special thing (aside from the sceneries and food) that happened to us is meeting the family of Nanay Auring. The warmth we felt and their hospitality truly proves their Pinoy bloodline.

I have to say I am a great fan now of blogging - sharing the particular moments in my life. However, due to my poor internet connection, I fail to update my blog entries from time to time. Until my sister got her SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999, I would say that I am definitely jealous.

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I am just waiting to finish my bond in my current internet connection this month and surely, I will bet for Smart Broadband.

the actual printer that my sister got.
Broadbandest Blowout!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cebu Getaway

Knowing that the end of vacation is fast approaching, we started being mindful of the time and thus we visited some Cebu wonders which are as follows:

Tingko Beach

A paradise located in Alcoy, Cebu, it is a popular gateway for the tourists, whom a majority actually stayed for good. Looking at the place, I think I understand their reasons, because I also fell in love with the beauty of Tingko Beach. Aside from the white sands, the Bohol islands scenery is also captivating.

We stayed there for one day hitting the stretch of the beach and meeting the locals of Cebu. The pictures we took would speak for the words I wrote here. Just take a quick look, and you’ll understand what I mean.



Obong Spring

It is one of Cebu’s pride located at Barangay Obong, Municipality of Dalaguete, Cebu. It is indeed one of a kind because it is adjacent to the sea and whilst stretching your hands doing strokes, you can see and feel the sea. The only thing that divided the spring is the mangroves on which many lives depend on (e.g. the komangs and other sea shells animals).

Amidst the sun’s scorching heat, Obong maintains its cold and refreshing water. The scenery is like trees embracing the spring.

We actually wanted to stay for more hours and swim but Ate Majal told us there are better places to stay, and knowing that she is more familiar with the place, we ended up following her.

*special thanks to Ellen, Rome and Jelaine

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Taste of Cebu

Travel without food is like pen without ink.

“A Taste of Cebu CNT Lechon”

A great start to experience Cebu is to have our taste buds savor their well-renowned Lechon. CNT Lechon is the largest food business that offers Lechon Cebu which is located near SM City Cebu. However, when we arrived in CNT there were only two platters of lechon left so we seized the moment and tasted it. The difference of this lechon lies not on the skin but on its meat (FYI, I totally drooled while writing this entry). In my opinion, the skin got its richness from the way they cultured the pigs.

Larsian sa Fuente

Larsian is a collection of stalls which offer a wide array of barbeque products. From the IUD or intestines, to the grilled meats and seafood, they can totally satisfy your barbeque cravings. You will definitely have the taste of Cebu in Larsian. The way you should eat it is to just put plastic on your hand and start mashing their unique rice (puso, second syllable stressed) which is covered in coconut palm leaves woven to perfection.

Homemade Foods

We also felt the Filipino hospitality when we visited the family of Ate Majal in Cebu City. Supposedly, our purpose was to just drop by and get some rest, but we were startled that they prepared quite a feast of food for us. They had lumpiang shanghai, pork steak, pochero, lechon paksiw, pansit and a lot more that indeed tickled our taste buds and had our stomach filled.

All in all, we literally fatten up in Cebu and we had to run when we get back to Manila so as to burn all the weight we gained. However, a vacation would not be worthwhile without a glass of refreshment and a bowl of dishes. Every bite we had is tantamount to a smile on our faces. It was truly a food and fun-filled Cebu experience!


*special thanks to Ellen, Jelaine, Nathan, Majal, Rome and Che :)