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Monday, March 14, 2011

Cebu Getaway

Knowing that the end of vacation is fast approaching, we started being mindful of the time and thus we visited some Cebu wonders which are as follows:

Tingko Beach

A paradise located in Alcoy, Cebu, it is a popular gateway for the tourists, whom a majority actually stayed for good. Looking at the place, I think I understand their reasons, because I also fell in love with the beauty of Tingko Beach. Aside from the white sands, the Bohol islands scenery is also captivating.

We stayed there for one day hitting the stretch of the beach and meeting the locals of Cebu. The pictures we took would speak for the words I wrote here. Just take a quick look, and you’ll understand what I mean.



Obong Spring

It is one of Cebu’s pride located at Barangay Obong, Municipality of Dalaguete, Cebu. It is indeed one of a kind because it is adjacent to the sea and whilst stretching your hands doing strokes, you can see and feel the sea. The only thing that divided the spring is the mangroves on which many lives depend on (e.g. the komangs and other sea shells animals).

Amidst the sun’s scorching heat, Obong maintains its cold and refreshing water. The scenery is like trees embracing the spring.

We actually wanted to stay for more hours and swim but Ate Majal told us there are better places to stay, and knowing that she is more familiar with the place, we ended up following her.

*special thanks to Ellen, Rome and Jelaine

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