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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting to know “Dampa”

Dampa is a place located along Seaside, Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City PH. It is one of the known spots in eating seafood and freshly cooked Filipino Cuisine and it is the best place to celebrate events such as birthdays and reunions. Contrary to popular beliefs, eating in Dampa is cheaper than restaurant.

How to get there:

I am not sure if there is available PUJ going to Macapagal but to be sure just ride a cab from Edsa LRT station or Mall of Asia. Just ask the driver to take you in “DAMPA”.

The Concept:

Unlike ordinary restaurant where you will just look at the menu, here in Dampa you are going to create your own menu.

First step, is to choose where to settle down and plan your menu. You can choose stalls, restaurants or other palutuans.

Second step, ask someone to be the market goer (haha) in short you need to buy things you wanted to eat. Better to ask the waiter to go with you to carry the things and to assist you to where the cheapest seafood stall is. Meat and fruits are also available in this place.

Third step, go back to the restaurant where you chose to settle down and ask the chef to cook your personalized menu.

Here are the dishes that we ordered:


Buttered Shrimp

Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso

Grilled Liempo

Baked Tahong

Ensaladang Manga with Shrimp Paste

Things to remember:
-You should consider two things - the weight of food you can consume and the budget
-Please be mindful of the time, always remember you need time to buy the food and they need time to cook the food.
-The Paluto System – be specific, always remember you are creating your own menu here
-You should try the baked tahong J
The Dampaers