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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A place that is forgotten; Puerto Galera

We were debating to where we are going and spending our summer vacation. I suggested Puerto Galera but they all disagreed to my idea. I was thinking back then what’s so wrong with my suggestion knowing that it is a usual and ideal place to spend the vacation. I asked Madz the reason for disapproving and immediately answered me, “un nanaman?

It might be a recurring event that we are going to Puerto but still it is one of the best beaches that I have been. Aside from its accessibility compare to other beaches, Puerto Galera is not only the usual beach to strut your legs on the beach but it is also a great place to bond.

It was last year when we went to that place and I have not started my blog yet. Maybe now is the best time to reminisce our Galera Escapade.

Prompt decisions are usual to my circle of friends. Summer was about to end and we were still thinking where we should go. Then, one morning everyone agreed to go to Puerto Galera (that’s it).

Puerto Galera is a local beach of Mindoro: more than 4 hours away from Manila, the best place to go if you are out of budget and time.

Traveling to Galera is so easy. First go to Alabang, Second, go to Batangas, and Third, go to Puerto Galera. As simple as that, two land travels and one by boat.

We arrived in Galera with the sun scorching, sands were flaring, and our eyes dazzling, hence it is suffice to say we arrived at the worst time of the day. Because it was a quick decision, we failed to prepare some itinerary which is so necessary to trips like this. We are a bit wasted due to travel but we still managed to sneak and look for lots of hotels on Galera, till finally found some cheap place to stay. Next up, we should decide on what to eat because Galera has an array of food choices, such as barbeques, kebabs, and silogs.

Done with food and lounge, it’s time to hit the beach! And that spells F-U-N!

For those who are interested in going to Galera, here are the three things that you should not miss in when going there:

1. Sunset – the pictures will answer the question why.

2. Night life – party that is all night and entertainment that is worthy. The fire dancers, mindoro sling, the crowd and the sounds are some of Galera's trademark

3. And some more, more, and more – banana boat, snorkeling, beach volleyball

Summer is swiftly coming! Take a trip and go to Galera!

*thanks to Ellen :)


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