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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Taste of Cebu

Travel without food is like pen without ink.

“A Taste of Cebu CNT Lechon”

A great start to experience Cebu is to have our taste buds savor their well-renowned Lechon. CNT Lechon is the largest food business that offers Lechon Cebu which is located near SM City Cebu. However, when we arrived in CNT there were only two platters of lechon left so we seized the moment and tasted it. The difference of this lechon lies not on the skin but on its meat (FYI, I totally drooled while writing this entry). In my opinion, the skin got its richness from the way they cultured the pigs.

Larsian sa Fuente

Larsian is a collection of stalls which offer a wide array of barbeque products. From the IUD or intestines, to the grilled meats and seafood, they can totally satisfy your barbeque cravings. You will definitely have the taste of Cebu in Larsian. The way you should eat it is to just put plastic on your hand and start mashing their unique rice (puso, second syllable stressed) which is covered in coconut palm leaves woven to perfection.

Homemade Foods

We also felt the Filipino hospitality when we visited the family of Ate Majal in Cebu City. Supposedly, our purpose was to just drop by and get some rest, but we were startled that they prepared quite a feast of food for us. They had lumpiang shanghai, pork steak, pochero, lechon paksiw, pansit and a lot more that indeed tickled our taste buds and had our stomach filled.

All in all, we literally fatten up in Cebu and we had to run when we get back to Manila so as to burn all the weight we gained. However, a vacation would not be worthwhile without a glass of refreshment and a bowl of dishes. Every bite we had is tantamount to a smile on our faces. It was truly a food and fun-filled Cebu experience!


*special thanks to Ellen, Jelaine, Nathan, Majal, Rome and Che :)



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