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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Travel 101

Yes, this is a travel blog and I have my top 5 essentials in traveling. It is summer and summer vacation will go with it.

I have created this entry to remind myself to the importance of preparedness in going to a trip.

Top 5 Things to consider when you are going to travel

1. Monetary Capability
    We are going to talk about numerical value under our pocket. A specific trip should be covered by specific amount of money we have. You should adjust the amount you have to the place you wanted to go. Let me take some example with these two trips having same money:
    (A) Tagaytay Trip
                     -choose where to eat
                     -trip down to Tagaytay Lake
                     -stay in a 3-star hotel
    (B) Puerto Galera Trip
                     -stay in 3-star hotel
      The trip to Puerto Galera only has two major points unlike the Tagaytay trip where you can enjoy the food, the place and the adventure they are offering. The gist of its comparison relies on the enjoyment that you will have. It is so fulfilling if you spend your trip every second of it and not worrying about your pockets.

2. Transportation
     To travel is to endure the time of traveling even it is by air. If you have your own car, you should take in consideration the what ifs? What if you will face an accident? Are you ready? What if your car broke down? Are you ready for a car repair? What if there was no parking space? Are you ready to be in your car all day?
I don’t want to sound pessimist but we should be ready for the what ifs of traveling with your own might.
Thus, if you are going to take the public way of going to places, you should also take in considerations a lot of things, the comfortable feeling of traveling and the time it will take (be ready for delays).

3. Food
    As I mentioned in my previous entry a travel with food is like a pen without ink. Meaning food is an essential subject to your travel. You can either bring your own food or have a taste of native food. Sometimes if you missed a food delicacy in your travel, the feeling of incompleteness will be in your head for the entire week after your travel. It is like a Bicol without express and a lechon without Cebu.

4. Lodging
    It is better to book your lodging prior to your trip. If you are going to stay in a hotel be ready for the skyrocket prices. Lodging is a pain-in-the-ass speaking of financial threat. Please find time to look for a suitable hotel in the internet, read the comments of the previous customer, and be sure to know the rates and the amenities.
    However, your travel will make a big difference if you are going to stay in some people you know. You will experience their life, their food and their hospitality.

5. Itinerary
    To be honest I am not a fan of itinerary because a journey that is not planned is a journey of adventure. However, itinerary is making a way of preparing yourself to an experience that you should have. It is like a checklist of things you should do and you should eat.
   The great way to make an itinerary is to research the things you should include in your list. You should consider the number of things against the time for example, from 7:00 AM – 7:30 AM; breakfast at Aling Nena’s Karinderya.

These top 5 things are only based on experience. If you are going to list your top 5 things you should consider in traveling what are they?

1 comment:

  1. Here's what I did when I traveled to Boracay. The first I did was - book in advance , look for a cheap hotels in Boracay Philippines and reserve online and don't forget to get deals with promo fares and tours. And the rest is not a problem anymore. I just need to bring my pocket money, clothes, and my camera! :)