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Monday, March 21, 2011

Travel Blues

It was settled. My mind got into a great tricky game - to where I have to go next. I have been in parts wherein most of the people might not know. Got into some troubles a lot and got into sheer dilemmas but one thing is the most important to my escapades, heck! the experience.

To mirror things out, I have come up with this article. To share a great experience I found going to Cebu and Zambales. It is not the food or the places I have encountered but the people I met during the greatest escapade of my life.

My heart truly fell in love with the Cebuanos. The warmth of their smiles and kisses truly made the experience worthwhile. To share thing with you I need to blog everything that had happened to Cebu. I am still making articles strictly for food and places that Cebu brought us.

My Zambales escapade is also worth sharing. There maybe some negative feedbacks but all fails must be blamed to our own carelessness. Same with Cebu, the most special thing (aside from the sceneries and food) that happened to us is meeting the family of Nanay Auring. The warmth we felt and their hospitality truly proves their Pinoy bloodline.

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