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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bulacan; Amana Waterpark, Part II

We arrived in Amana with the bad impression because of the cottages. It is not first come, first served basis – they have agency in Manila where you can have your reservation as long as the group is more than 10-pax.

I have tried to capture some pictures to show how great the place is however, the number of people and the heat of the sun are getting to my nerves so, I just stayed in our tent.

9 AM
1 PM

Kiddie Pool
Vegeta? :))

Iron Man

Shrek and Family



Capt. America

Indiana Jones
Furthermore, the most important thing about this family outing goes with the happiness of my pamangkins.

I am looking forward in returning to Amana.

Bulacan; Amana Waterpark, Part I

After the grueling months of waiting, the day has finally came. It was the first exclusive family outing that I managed to pull out. We planned several times of going to somewhere with water, even rivers and lakes are included as long as we can have family bonding that we are looking for.

The first challenge we have faced is the transportation. I asked my dad to borrow van in his office but he failed because of the procedure ek ek. So, I just asked him to talk to my Tito and rent his van. My Tito agreed and we settled the amount he is asking.

Next would be the pain stricken venue, of course internet will be the savior. I clicked several resorts in Antipolo and wah la, fully booked, scouted pools in Laguna and it was too costly. Ending up, asking Ate Peach to where would be an ideal place for children to swim and also, to spend the Maundy Thursday. She immediately returned my pings with the praises to Amana Waterpark in Pandi, Bulacan.

I was pulled in because of their life-size characters spread out in the resort that my pamangkins will surely enjoy. However, I was concerned with their rates but based on their site – it is certainly, within my budget. I called their office and asked if there will be available slots for 10-pax and as per the telephone operator, it is first come, first served basis. So without over analyzing things, we printed the map, set the plan and we were all ready to go to Amana.

We arrived at the place at exactly 7 am and only few people are in the line for the entrance and the cottages. When it was our turn, I was shocked because the only available cottage is the tent one and we are like 9th in the line. So, without further complaining about the reservation stuff, we got the tent cottage the one that is near in the kiddie pool.

My sister and the parking lot

Friday, April 29, 2011

I walk going to Pangasinan; The Hours of Travel and Lutchie’s Eatery

During the old times, travel hours going to Pangasinan would be 7 hours. According to my Tita, there is like a new route that will lessen the time of traveling so it will become more or less five hours.


Based on my latest travel, there are only two spots where you will face delays or heavy traffic; (1) at Balintawak, to count the numbers of passengers and to call additional heads, (2) somewhere in Pampanga, same reasons with number 1.

I am guilty. I am guilty taking pictures for my blog. I am guilty looking around for blog sake. I am guilty being a blogger.

On our way to Pangasinan, we came across in Lutchie’s Eatery. It is located in Capas, Tarlac and stop-over for bus liners. It is a famous bulaluhan in Tarlac but of course they do not sell bulalo alone and has so many things to consider about this eatery.

Their wide selection of pasalubong would be the first point. Typical pasalubongs are available; chicharon, piyaya, biscuits and more. Second point would be their ulams or the cooked food; pakbets, nilaga, bopis and of course their bulalo. The ordinary meal costs only P 49.00, a choice of 1 ulam except the bulalo, rice and soup.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Batangas Escapade

We got the luxury of going to Batangas to spend summer and beat the heat of it. Of course, nothing is more exciting than to do a countless stopovers.

Taal Lake and Volcano

The best stopover you can have if you are going to Batangas is to spend sometime looking at the grandeur of God through the smallest volcano in the Philippines. Indeed, it is the most amazing thing you will see on your way.

It maybe a normal view to the CaviteƱos but the feeling of wonder is still in me every time I view the lake. I may not experience the horse back riding or the bulalo but viewing alone fulfill my Taal experience.

The Fantasy Land

Second great stopover would be the Fantasy Land or the “castle”. It is along the long road of cavite. You can view it from afar to view the whole landscape of the place or you can enjoy its fairytale ambiance by visiting it.

The Fantasy Land is a constant place in shooting movies, teleseryes, commercial and other shows because of its enchanting view.

Batangas Beach

It maybe the nearest beach in Manila but your craving for beaches is worth satisfying in this place. A number of resorts are also available in your visit since they are improving the “tourism” side of it.

You can do island hopping, scuba diving, or just rest and feel the heat of the sun.

The Island

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I walk going to Pangasinan: I am late for the nth time

Together with her two sons, my cousin arrived last Monday from Japan. Usually we welcome them with the traditional “inuman hanggang umaga” concept of Pinoys but it was a swift decision to celebrate their arrival by going to their hometown in Pangasinan. Given the number of heads going with us, we failed to ride in private car. We decided just to take the normal way of going; by bus.

We planned to wake up at exactly 4 am to catch the earliest bus going to Pangasinan. I noted the time, prepared my things and shut my eyes. Time elapses and I heard my mom calling me and saying, “sasama ka pa ba? Ikaw na lng hinihintay”. I thundered my moves and ran to our service car going to the terminal. With my shyness, I entered the car with my head down.

We arrived at exactly 5:45 am in Santrans Bus Terminal and according to the personnel in the terminal the bus will depart at 6:30 am. While waiting on time, I redeem myself by sleeping. When I woke up, I asked my cousin how much the transportation is for blog sake and she said it is higher than the normal fare. According the the dispatcher it went up because of the competition within bus liners, blah, blah.

Something Fishy in the East

Something Fishy is a well-known restaurant that offers eat-all-you-can dining. It is located in East Wood City, Quezon City. The prime attraction of it is their Breakfast all you can because it is surrounded by Call Center Companies.

We went to Something Fishy to enjoy their unlimited breakfast of wide selections – from the tasty ham to their flavorsome Tapa. We made it to a point that we are going to taste all their offerings but then, you will need another day to finish the entire menu. We actually planned to take their lunch buffet straight from the breakfast all you can but we will just bring ourselves into death.

 Personally, the trademark of Something Fishy is on their Filipino Breakfast Cuisine. You can choose the –silog meal, just choose from Tapa, Daing, Hotdog, Longanisa, Tocino, Ham or you can have them all.

 Their dessert is also worth the space in your stomach. From the simple fresh fruits to the dairy products, you can find it in Something Fishy.

The Kakanins
They also have rice cakes, the famous pansit, Adobo (chicken and pork) and wide variants of processed meat.

It is worth your time and money to eat in Something Fishy unlike other restaurants that offer eat-all-you-can dining. Their wide variation of choices and friendly staff made our visit meaningful.

Resorts World in New Port City

Searching for the eat all you can breakfast restaurant, we ended up registering in Casino of Resorts World to avail the cheap breakfast of Mercado.

Getting membership card is easy as 1-2-3 and this is free of charge

1. Provide 1 identification card or if you want the membership card to have picture you should provide 2 IDs (company and Government Issue IDs)
2. Fill up the forms
3. Snap your pose

The membership card includes a discount voucher for Mercado and 100 points (for gambling).

I only provided company ID so they only provided membership card without picture.

After activating our membership card, we immediately went to Mercado Restaurant. We just pay P 96.33 per person. Mercado offers mixture of traditional Filipino cuisine and some western desserts.

Sorry because its casino’s policy that guests are not allowed to take pictures. However, I managed to snap a picture of slot machine. Haha.

So we decided that we are going to spend the points in membership card all day. For starters like us, we headed to slot machines. It is not a norm for us to gamble but we wanted to spend the free points and at least to feel that we are in casino.

To get away from the temptation to gamble, we stroll around the New Port City and call it a day.

Late Post; Graduation Parties

Saturday Celebration
Its graduation month and my niece will be having her graduation walk this coming Sunday. She is just five years old and ready to be kindergarten this coming June. Last week we received news that she will be graduating first honor (it runs in the blood).

To celebrate this event my dad bought an ice cream – the selecta 3-in-1 +1 Supreme and he also promised to prepare special dinner for us.


The ice cream is a 1.5 liter with the flavors of choco, mocha, cookies and cream and strawberry but my niece mistakenly identified the choco as coffee flavor instead of mocha. She even mentioned this crazy line, “Lolo, sarap nitong kulay brown lasang Kopiko (a brand of coffee)”. I dig my personal flavor; the cookies and cream. The one thing that this ice cream differs from other is the subtleness of its sweetness. It has a mellow taste of sugar that truly left me speechless while eating it.

The special dinner that my dad is mentioning is the Nilagang Baka or Beef Stew. I don’t know what the secret of my dad in cooking is but you will taste the real richness of its soup. I observed my dad while cooking and found out that he is letting the water to absorb the meat.

Sunday Celebration

It is the actually graduation of my niece and I failed to come because I have an event in California Berry. However, pictures below will describe how the whole day was spent.

Monday Celebration

Yes, it was still a celebration for her graduation. My brother-in-law cooked some Spaghetti as requested by Yeye. She also asked for a cake, yes she is so demanding however, they bought it. In my part, I prepared Mango Shake to go with the cake and spaghetti. Everyone in the house was full because of the delicious Spaghetti.

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2011!