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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Batangas Escapade

We got the luxury of going to Batangas to spend summer and beat the heat of it. Of course, nothing is more exciting than to do a countless stopovers.

Taal Lake and Volcano

The best stopover you can have if you are going to Batangas is to spend sometime looking at the grandeur of God through the smallest volcano in the Philippines. Indeed, it is the most amazing thing you will see on your way.

It maybe a normal view to the CaviteƱos but the feeling of wonder is still in me every time I view the lake. I may not experience the horse back riding or the bulalo but viewing alone fulfill my Taal experience.

The Fantasy Land

Second great stopover would be the Fantasy Land or the “castle”. It is along the long road of cavite. You can view it from afar to view the whole landscape of the place or you can enjoy its fairytale ambiance by visiting it.

The Fantasy Land is a constant place in shooting movies, teleseryes, commercial and other shows because of its enchanting view.

Batangas Beach

It maybe the nearest beach in Manila but your craving for beaches is worth satisfying in this place. A number of resorts are also available in your visit since they are improving the “tourism” side of it.

You can do island hopping, scuba diving, or just rest and feel the heat of the sun.

The Island

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