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Friday, April 29, 2011

I walk going to Pangasinan; The Hours of Travel and Lutchie’s Eatery

During the old times, travel hours going to Pangasinan would be 7 hours. According to my Tita, there is like a new route that will lessen the time of traveling so it will become more or less five hours.


Based on my latest travel, there are only two spots where you will face delays or heavy traffic; (1) at Balintawak, to count the numbers of passengers and to call additional heads, (2) somewhere in Pampanga, same reasons with number 1.

I am guilty. I am guilty taking pictures for my blog. I am guilty looking around for blog sake. I am guilty being a blogger.

On our way to Pangasinan, we came across in Lutchie’s Eatery. It is located in Capas, Tarlac and stop-over for bus liners. It is a famous bulaluhan in Tarlac but of course they do not sell bulalo alone and has so many things to consider about this eatery.

Their wide selection of pasalubong would be the first point. Typical pasalubongs are available; chicharon, piyaya, biscuits and more. Second point would be their ulams or the cooked food; pakbets, nilaga, bopis and of course their bulalo. The ordinary meal costs only P 49.00, a choice of 1 ulam except the bulalo, rice and soup.

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