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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Late Post; Graduation Parties

Saturday Celebration
Its graduation month and my niece will be having her graduation walk this coming Sunday. She is just five years old and ready to be kindergarten this coming June. Last week we received news that she will be graduating first honor (it runs in the blood).

To celebrate this event my dad bought an ice cream – the selecta 3-in-1 +1 Supreme and he also promised to prepare special dinner for us.


The ice cream is a 1.5 liter with the flavors of choco, mocha, cookies and cream and strawberry but my niece mistakenly identified the choco as coffee flavor instead of mocha. She even mentioned this crazy line, “Lolo, sarap nitong kulay brown lasang Kopiko (a brand of coffee)”. I dig my personal flavor; the cookies and cream. The one thing that this ice cream differs from other is the subtleness of its sweetness. It has a mellow taste of sugar that truly left me speechless while eating it.

The special dinner that my dad is mentioning is the Nilagang Baka or Beef Stew. I don’t know what the secret of my dad in cooking is but you will taste the real richness of its soup. I observed my dad while cooking and found out that he is letting the water to absorb the meat.

Sunday Celebration

It is the actually graduation of my niece and I failed to come because I have an event in California Berry. However, pictures below will describe how the whole day was spent.

Monday Celebration

Yes, it was still a celebration for her graduation. My brother-in-law cooked some Spaghetti as requested by Yeye. She also asked for a cake, yes she is so demanding however, they bought it. In my part, I prepared Mango Shake to go with the cake and spaghetti. Everyone in the house was full because of the delicious Spaghetti.

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2011!

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