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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leche Flan with Strawberries

My sister prepared special Merienda for us. In my surprise, she actually was going to mix strawberry in her Leche Flan. I asked her if she’s sure of what she is doing and “of course not” is her reply.

I watched how she cooks and it was same as the usual Leche Flan. The differences are strawberries and the choco drink.

She mixed all the ingredients – egg, condense milk and sugar. After, she minced the strawberry using a grater and added the chocolate drink. She even sliced a few strawberries and placed it in the bottom part of the Lyanera but when she put the liquid to it they just float (fail).

In my interest I have taken several shots to show the strangeness of my sister. We waited 15 minutes to see if she’s successful or does some wasting of money.

The finish product looks like this:

The taste? You have to make one to taste it. :)

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