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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something Fishy in the East

Something Fishy is a well-known restaurant that offers eat-all-you-can dining. It is located in East Wood City, Quezon City. The prime attraction of it is their Breakfast all you can because it is surrounded by Call Center Companies.

We went to Something Fishy to enjoy their unlimited breakfast of wide selections – from the tasty ham to their flavorsome Tapa. We made it to a point that we are going to taste all their offerings but then, you will need another day to finish the entire menu. We actually planned to take their lunch buffet straight from the breakfast all you can but we will just bring ourselves into death.

 Personally, the trademark of Something Fishy is on their Filipino Breakfast Cuisine. You can choose the –silog meal, just choose from Tapa, Daing, Hotdog, Longanisa, Tocino, Ham or you can have them all.

 Their dessert is also worth the space in your stomach. From the simple fresh fruits to the dairy products, you can find it in Something Fishy.

The Kakanins
They also have rice cakes, the famous pansit, Adobo (chicken and pork) and wide variants of processed meat.

It is worth your time and money to eat in Something Fishy unlike other restaurants that offer eat-all-you-can dining. Their wide variation of choices and friendly staff made our visit meaningful.

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