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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I walk going to Pangasinan: Fiesta

San quintin, Pangasinan celebrates their Fiesta during May. In line with their celebration, they set-up a local carnival (aka Perya) in bayan. Yeah, too early but this is their way of celebrating fiesta. We planned this vacation by going everywhere and eating everything so, we decided to spend some pennies by playing in every stalls that this perya offers.

One stall that caught my attention and ate my money is the “Ping-Pong Card Game”.

The mechanics of this game is so easy

1. choose where you are going to place your bet; jack, queen, king, alas, ten, nine
2. three ping-pong balls will be thrown
3. test your luck; the number of balls that will go to you choice will determine how many times your prize will be doubled
I know that it would be a sin to do gambling but happiness would be the greater prize than money.


  1. It seems that Fiestas all over the country fall on the Month of May.:-).

  2. yeah, next will be the carabao festival of bulacan on the 14th