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Monday, June 13, 2011

Jose Rizal

When we were still children, we ought to memorize all the national symbols of the Philippines – sampaguita is our nation flower and carabao to represent the animals. The only human being in our list is Jose Rizal; our national hero. He is a household name for us Filipinos and we studied his life for a number of years in school.  We even had a quiz to what is the full name of Jose Rizal (José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda) and to what is the name of his dog (its usman lol) to show the greatness of having him. Several books also tackled his biography, his greatness as a Filipino, his power to spark revolution and his uplifting soul in our history.

Among the heroes in the Philippines, Rizal was handpicked by the national heroes committee to be our symbol for heroes.  He is like a celebrity in the entertainment world. Even though he is gone in this world, he is still in the limelight. I’ve heard a lot of things about Rizal when I was in college. Mostly were about his personal life.

  1. Was Rizal Gay?
Even Piolo Pascual did answer this question. As per experience or should as I say based on the books that I’ve read, Rizal was a pride in the race of men.  He had so many girls involved in his life – locally; Segunda, Consuelo, Leonor: international level; O sei san, Gertrude, Nellie, Susanne, Josephine. But same as the never ending debate about Piolo’s sexuality, are these women are for concealer of his true sexuality? How about the homosexual part of El Fili? His being “lampa” when he was a child? Thus, things like this won’t prove his sexuality. And who cares about his sexuality? The most important part of Rizal’s existence is not in his sexuality but in his works.

  1. Was Rizal a womanizer?
Mentioning the 9 girls that Rizal we can come up to the conclusion that if Rizal was not gay, he maybe a womanizer. In his 35 years of existence, he had so many girls around him, to think that this was during the Spanish Colonialism. However, he was definitely a chick-magnet during his time because of his intelligence and bravery.

  1. Was Rizal a real Filipino?
Hell yeah, he is definitely a Filipino. He fought for this country and no question about that. However, even Wikipedia is telling us that the lineage of Rizal belongs to Chinese. A great minus to his background and a plus for Bonifacio but wait, are we just discussing here about Rizal? Rizal is a Filipino. Period. Another period.

  1. Was Rizal a Catholic?
We have read several books about his life but nothing really tells us about the religion of Rizal.  I have read an article regarding the religious belief of Rizal during my college days and according to it, Rizal is a believer of God and he chose not to identify his religion. Freemason or what, the important thing here is what we see in Rizal. He was sent by God to ignite the fire in saving the Philippines.

In a nutshell, Jose Rizal is our national hero. Without any doubt he is so intelligent and he worked on that. We should give him credit for his work for being part of our literature. Last but not the least, we should take a pride of having him as part of our rich and colorful history. Happy birthday, Pepe!

Some ideas are mere generalization and not based on history or any literature. Many thanks to Katiekat and Jepjep. :)

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