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Monday, June 20, 2011

Turnin' Japanese

In the realization that we are eating same food over and over again, we planned to make an authentic food to satisfy all our hunger. As much as we wanted to do it authentic, we have tried several ingredients to complement it (so, just delete the word authentic).

Experiment 101: The famous Sushi from Japan

Contrary to the popular beliefs, not all Sushi are prepared using Nori or the tinapa tasting wrapper.

But of course we concentrated more on Sushi with Nori called Makizushi or “rolled sushi”. It is a cylindrical kind of sushi rolled using a bamboo mat.

We only have 3 ingredients and not to mention that we don’t have the bamboo mat to make this food tasty enough.

1. Japonica or the Japanese rice – it is a short-grain rice with distinctive stickiness when cooked
2. Crab Stick – a processed seafood made with fish flesh
3. Nori – made with seaweed spices that shaped like a piece of paper

    It was very hard to roll it and to make it appealing. We used plastic folder to substitute the bamboo mat but we chose to make ourselves miserable by doing it with bare hands. 

    The Final Product, whew
    Special thanks to Jepjep


    1. turnin japanese, i think im turnin, japanses i realy think so

    2. Looks pretty damn good for hand rolling them!

      xo katie elizabeth