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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What’s cookin?

It is simply amazing that even in cooking, Pangasinan still practicing the old school way – the use of dried wood or “panggatong”. As per my Auntie, she still has the burner but from time to time she can’t resist cooking food using wood because taste differs.

To make use of the wood that resting around, my cousin planned to cook Bulalo or “beef, bone marrow and vegetable soup”. Bulalo is a bowl of warn soup complemented by vegetables and a huge portion of beef and bone. It is the best food during rainy days because of its warm soup. It is simple to prepare but the tasty broth will bring you into indulgence.

Our own version of Bulalo is very simple. It may lack several ingredients but the savory soup still lingering in every sip of its broth. We just used veggies that were available in our fridge – patoto, cabbage, baguio beans and Chinese cabbage and of course, the largest chunks of beef that you can buy in the market.

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