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Thursday, June 16, 2011

What’s Cookin?

What's Cookin?

Pancit or Pansit is a noodle of different variations that were introduced by Chinese. The word pancit came from a Hokkien (a chinese dialect) word pain i sit which means something conveniently cooked fast.

Different variations of noodles can be found around the Philippines. We have the famous Pancit Habhab from Quezon, Pancit Kilawin of Cavite and the Pancit Canton. The usual type of Pancit that everyone knows is the Pancit Bihon or Bijon. It is a thin rice noodles with soy sauce and the twist of kalamansi.

Manang in action
When I was still in Pangasinan, I saw Manang cooking Pancit Bihon for mirienda. I followed every move that Manang made even to the tiniest details such as putting spices because i am planning to make a picto-process in cooking of it but due to the easy process of cooking you might as well look in Google for the recipe. 

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