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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is now a .com site

It has been a struggle for me to get my own domain due to the fear that setting up my own site. I may have the knowledge of more than average in terms of software but then its html or codes that I will be dealing with. Then my blogger friends recommended to just get the domain and not the hosting. He explained that blogger will still my host and there is like simple steps in routing the blogspot going to the domain.

So, I have spent so many days looking for the specific site where they are offering domains. Finally, one of my fellow bloggers in Pinoy Blogger promoted this hosting site where domains are available up to the second lowest form of dollar in a single digit and of course they allow paypal to be the medium of the payment. Grabbed!

Next problem would be my address. Sticking to the ispeakapplesauce is a big decision for me. My friend suggested that it should be my name as my domain to make it more personal. Just as I clicked the confirm button, I came to a proposition that I will just divide my entries into two blogs – one for travel and one for food. It was suggested by my other friend before I started my blog but in my defense, food comes with traveling. Thus, my domain sounds like more on food and not travels so I am still on the verge of thinking to make another blog. But for now, I am coalescing food and travels.

Also, I am back in working so maybe this coming August I will start hitting the road again. Thank you.

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