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Friday, August 12, 2011

Dream Car

Have you ever experienced a car running in front of you and the only thing that comes out from your mouth is “i want that car”? Guilty?

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is on the top of my list in terms of dream cars because of the speed that can bring you to heaven (literally). Yes, it is a sports car but nothing beat the angst of it when you riding it on the strecth of the street even just going to the mall (just look into the humps before you go through). Of course, it is not the fancy car but then who has no included it to their dreams?

I used to have a great car like this nitro rc cars when I was a child. A great replicas of speedy nitro cars and monster trucks that are available online.

To be honest i am not into cars and it maybe not suitable for me to ride a hammer or to be in a pink car but then, it all boil down to what a successful person should have. It is not specifically about the car that successful people owned but be open, you must ride your comfort going to your destination. Again, it is not about the fancy stuff you have but at least it is a sign you are living your dreams.

It is not necessary to look for the best and most expensive car but at least I have one attainable dream that i should catch upon.

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