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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tech Freak

Nowadays, people rely much on technology. Even the sales of newspaper decreased due to the technological innovation that the world continuing to explore. During ages, world relied on man power literally – a snail mail, daily milk ration, a man banging on your door just to give you the daily newspaper. It started with the radio; where you just need to sit and one skill is required – to listen attentively. Then, the television came – visual and audio in one. Afterwards, the most innovating thing on earth - the computer. Thus, rest is history where you just need to sit and click at the comfort of your home. God must be proud of what human being achieve. The greatness and the convenience of the technology.

Next move of the human being? To reconstruct technology? to continue innovating things?

Hybrid. A word that will make another history. If people would not discover new things the main solution is to combine two different things or to mix in creating a distinct product.

Technology is growing and no one could stop it. It may sometimes grow out of proportion but things will be different because of this. Even on sites like technology in news – where you can find news and technology in one. 

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